New Student Registration / New Student Registration 2023-2024 School Year (2024)

  • Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is open
    Kindergarten through 12th Grade and Tuition-based Preschool.

    Please read the information below carefully BEFORE you start the registration process.

    If you already have or have had a child attend Flushing Community Schools, please access your current ParentVue account to register your new student. If you have never activated your ParentVue account, please call the appropriate building for assistance. If you have had a child evaluated for Special Services or if your child attended GSRP at Seymour Elementary, you will need to contact the ECC (810-591-2326) to get your ParentVue account activated. If you are not enrolling a NEW student, and only have students that are returning to the 2022-2023 school year as a 1st-12th grader, you do not need to re-register them.

    • Flushing High School: 810-591-3782
    • Flushing Middle School: 810-591-2800
    • Central Elementary: 810-591-1901
    • Elms Elementary: 810-591-7350
    • Seymour Elementary: 810-591-0595
    • Springview Elementary: 810-591-8555
    • Early Childhood Center: 810-591-2326

    If you are enrolling a NEW student intoFlushing Community Schoolsand DO NOT have any current students attending Flushing Schools, you will need to create a ParentVue account using this linkto begin the online registration process.

    New Student Registration / New Student Registration 2023-2024 School Year (1)

    1. Under the login space, click the "More Options" tab and then click “Create a New Account".

    2. It will step you through the process of setting up an account

    3. Once you have created your account, you will receive an email that will prompt you to create a password for your account.

    4. Use the username and password you created to login to Online Registration.

    5. Click on the "Online Registration" tab in the upper right corner.

    6. Once you have completed the registration process, the school building will be notified that you have completed your registration. If as a part of the online registration process, you have uploaded a valid (seal showing) birth certificate and currentproof of residencyyour application will be put in a queue to be processed. If you opted not to upload the needed documents, your application will be put on hold until you bring the documents to the Administration Building.

    7. If you have multiple students to register, under the student tab of the online registration, you can click "Add New Student".

    2023-2024 Registration Directions

    KD and DK Registration Directions
    3 Year Old Preschool Registration Directions

    Important Tips to help the online registration process go smoothly.

    • Be sure you are using the proper link to get started.
    • Gather the needed documents:
      • Driver's license - if you areusing the upload feature, be sure to send both the front and back side
      • Two current proofs of residency (i.e. utility bills, rental agreements)
      • Child's birth certificate - raised seal must be visible - even in a photo
      • Record of immunizations
      • Health Appraisal - completed on or after 9/1/2022
    • If you plan to upload the documents - be sure to look at your scan or photo BEFORE uploading them. Be sure that the full document is visible.
    • If you are registering multiple children, you will only need to upload the driver's license (front and back) AND the proof of residency documents one time.
    • If you are registering a child for Flushing's tuition-based preschool, please pick the grade level based on the child's age as of September 1, 2020:
      • P2, two years old,P3, three years old, etc.
      • You will pick the actual class days later in the process. The ECC team will contact each registrant in the order of registration submittedto select the actual days of the week the child will attend.
    • If your child is entering kindergarten, select KD as the grade level. If you are interested in Developmental Kindergarten (DK), still register for KD - the Early Childhood Center assessment team will determine if DK is more appropriate for your child.
    • If you have questions about the process please use these tips sheets to help you out.
      • New to the district
      • Already have or have had other children in the district
    • If you live outside of the Flushing Community Schools district, you must complete a Schools of Choice (SOC) application. The SOC application window is June 1-June 30. You may begin your online registration prior to submitting your SOC application. If you have any questions, contact Denelle Klein at 810-591-1183. Please note, even if you have other children who attend under the Schools of Choice program, you must also be approved for any additional children you wish to enroll.

New Student Registration / New Student Registration 2023-2024 School Year (2024)


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