No, Måneskin didn’t really get married – 105.7 The Point (2024)

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No, Måneskin didn’t really get married

No, Måneskin didn’t really get married – 105.7 The Point (1)


Well, it looks like there’s no need to rush out and get a wedding present for the members ofMåneskin.

As previously reported, to celebrate Friday’s release of their new album,Rush!,the band teased a collaboration with Spotify with a video of guitaristThomas Raggiplaying the famed classical composition “Wedding March.” Spotifyalso shareda photo of the band in wedding attire, with vocalistDamiano Davidkissing Raggi and bassistVictoria De Angeliskissing drummerEthan Torchio. The post was captioned,“Just Married in a RUSH!” When the band reshared it, they added, “Yes, we do,” alongside a wedding chapel emoji.

All of thatsparked speculation the band members may have really tied the knot, but it appears nolegal “I do’s” were involved in the ceremony.

According to the band’s publicist, Spotify threw Måneskin the “wedding” at Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome, Italy, to celebrate the new album. There, the band “symbolically tied the knot in a rock & roll ceremony,” where they vowed “eternal loyalty to one another as the band continue to conquer the world and reach dizzying new heights.”

The “wedding” was attended by peoplewho were “a pivotal part of their success of love and rock,” including Italian fashion designerAlessandro Michele, who was the master of ceremonies,Machine Gun Kelly, directorBaz Luhrmannand Italian filmmakerPaolo Sorrentino.

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No, Måneskin didn’t really get married – 105.7 The Point (2024)


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