Minecraft: Twilight Forest Progression Guide - PwrDown (2024)

The Twilight Forest adds a whole new Dimension to Minecraft, filled with new Biomes, Structures, Mobs, Equipment and Bosses. A lot of people don’t know this when first entering the Twilight Forest, but it’s actually all about progression.

As you defeat one Boss, you’ll be granted access to the next one. Likewise, there are mechanics in-place to prevent you from accessing a Boss out of the linear progression system. Although it can all be disabled in the configuration.

This guide is going to cover the correct path to follow to progress through The Twilight Forest. We’ll also discuss where to find each boss, and tactics for defeating them.

Create the Portal

To get started, players need to create a Portal to enter The Twilight Forest Dimension. Place 10 Grass Blocks in a square shape, leaving a 2×2 area empty in the middle. Then place a flower on each of the Grass Blocks, and fill the empty area with water.

When throwing a Diamond into the Water, lightning will strike, and the Portal to the Twilight Forest will be opened. After jumping in the Portal, you’ll be taken to the Twilight Forest. Go through the Portal again at anytime to return to the Overworld.

The Forest

The first Biome players should come across is the Twilight Forest. It’s probably a good idea to set up a base here, so that items can be stored, and food cooked. There’s plenty of trees in the Forest, giving an ample source of wood.

When you’re feeling ready, start walking throughout the Forest, making sure to not traverse into other Biomes. Stick to the Forest for now, as this is where you can find the first Boss which counts towards progression, the Naga.


The Naga spawns inside the Naga Courtyard. It’s a maze-like area, surrounded by large Stone walls. As you get close, the Naga will spawn, which looks like a large Snake. It’s made up of multiple body parts. Movement-wise, it will slither around the Courtyard, destroying any blocks in its path.

If the player is hit by the Naga, they can receive upwards of 9 points of damage. Whereas the Naga itself has 250 health points, so it might be difficult to defeat, especially as your first Boss.

As the Naga takes damage, parts of its body will be broken off. If the Naga isn’t attacked for a while, then it will begin to regenerate Health. It’s confined to the Courtyard, so use this to your advantage.

Once defeated, the Naga will drop a Naga Trophy. However, for progression, pick up the Naga Scales. Players won’t be able to enter the Lich Tower, our next location without having touched Naga Scales.

Twilight Lich

With the Naga defeated, it’s time to face the Twilight Lich. Head back to base if you need to. Take this opportunity to store items, repair your equipment and stock up on consumables that you might need for the next boss fight.

The Lich Tower is a very large structure which can be found in the Forest, and should be relatively easy to spot after a bit of exploring. There’s no entrance to the Lich Tower. Instead, players must break their way inside using a Pickaxe.

If the player hasn’t defeated the Naga and collected its Scales, then the blocks will regenerate after being broken. Inside the Tower, there’s lots of hostile mobs like Zombies and Skeletons. Slowly work your way to the very top, where you’ll find the Twilight Lich Boss.

This boss takes a bit more mechanically to defeat, and the first thing to note is that the Twilight Lich has 100 HP. There’s also 3 stages to the fight.

During the first stage, the Twilight Lich will be invulnerable, due to the shields spinning around him. Using its Scepter, the Twilight Lich will fire projectiles at the player. There’s also 2 Lich Shadows, who will fire the same attacks as the Twilight Lich.

These projectiles look like Ender Pearls, and when they’re fired towards you, they need to be deflected into the Twilight Lich. It’s similar to a mechanic you might often do when fighting a Ghast in the Nether.

When a projectile hits the Twilight Lich, a Shield will be removed. Once all 4 Shields are broken, the next stage of the fight will begin.

In the second stage of the Twilight Lich attack, it will summon Zombies and Shadows to fight you. Keep defeating them until the magical staff that the Lich is carrying runs out of charges, which shouldn’t take long. Once that happens, the Lich will become vulnerable, and you can finally damage it.

The Lich will run at you with its Golden Sword, constantly attacking. In this final stage, all you need to do is defeat the Lich in combat.

The Twilight Lich will drop items like Ender Pearls and Enchanted Golden equipment. It will also drop one of its 4 Scepters, which is needed to enter the next area of progression within the Twilight Forest. Whichever Scepter you collect can be used in combat throughout the rest of your journey.

The Swamp

With the Twilight Lich defeated, The Forest Biome has been cleared. Head towards the Twilight Swamp Biome, which looks relatively similar to the Overworld Swamp Biome. There’s two more bosses to be defeated here.

The player must pick up the Lich’s Scepter that it dropped during the previous fight. Without picking it up, the Swamp will be covered in a dark mist, and entering the Labyrinth will be impossible.


Look for a Labyrinth. Entrances to these dungeons can be found on the surface of the Swamp Biome, often being covered by mounds of dirt.

Labyrinths are like mazes, consisting of multiple floors with long corridors and lots of dead ends. Sadly, the walls of a Labyrinth are unbreakable too, so cheating is impossible. Make sure to bring plenty of Torches, as it’s not well lit.

Make your way through the Labyrinth, defeating any hostile mobs in your path. The creature we’re looking for is the Minoshroom, which is a hybrid of a Minotaur and a Mooshroom.

It spawns in a room made up of Blocks like Mycelium, and has 4 walls made up of Oak Fences. Also inside this room are 4 Chests, which contain an assortment of items from the Twilight Forest mod.

The Minoshroom has 120 health points, and wields the Minotaur Axe, which can do a considerable amount of damage. Once defeated, the Minoshroom will drop some Bowls of Meef Stroganoff. Eat one of these, so that you can enter the next location.


The next location to look for is the Hydra Lair, which can spawn in the Fire Swamp Biome. You’ll know you’re in this Biome, as the blocks will turn to a reddish hue. Whereas the Hydra Lair can be identified as a large hollow hill.

Inside the Lair is the Hydra, an immobile boss who has 3 heads. The Hydra will stay within its Lair, never moving. The body of the Hydra has 360 health points, and there are multiple methods of attacks.

It will send out Fire Breath, bite the player or fire explosive projectiles. Players can only deal damage to the Hydra when at a close range, and the Hydras mouth must be open. While aiming for a head deals more damage, be careful. Destroying 1 head will summon 2 more in its place.

After killing the Hydra, it will drop Hydra Chops and Fiery Blood. You can then move to the Dark Forest, where we can progress onto the next boss.

The Dark Forest

The next Biome the player can enter is the Dark Forest. Bring some Torches, as the entire area is under a Roofed Forest, and is very dark.

If players haven’t yet defeated the Lich, then they’ll be given the Blindness effect upon entering. Although they can wear a Helmet that is equipped to give the Night Vision effect to bypass this requirement.

Knight Phantom

The first boss to defeat for progression through the Dark Forest is the Knight Phantom, who can be found at the Goblin Knight Stronghold.

Annoyingly, this structure might be hard to locate, as it’s deep within the Dark Forest, and isn’t easily identifiable on the surface. The entrance looks a bit like a Trench.

To gain entrance to the Stronghold, players need to locate the Trophy Pedestal, and place a Trophy on top, which should have been collected from previous fights. Upon being allowed into the Stronghold, you’ll find that it’s a large dungeon, with many rooms and multiple floors. Work your way through until you find the Knight Phantom.

6 Knight Phantom will spawn in a single room, all mimicking eachother. However, only 1 is the real Knight Phantom. It can be identified by its physical body, which is more opaque than the others. You’ll need to kill all the Knight Phantoms, in the sequence of its physical body being visible.

Once defeated, a Chest will be in the center of the room. It will contain loot like Knightmetal Tools, Phantom Armor and the Knight Phantom Trophy.


Now it’s time to defeat Ur-Ghast, which is going to take some time and effort on your part. The Ur-Ghast can be found in the Dark Tower, a structure that’s over 200 blocks high.

The Dark Tower might be difficult to find in the Dark Forest, as the roof of the forest blocks your view. Instead, climb above the trees, and run across the top, so that the sky is visible. That’ll reduce the time taken to find the Dark Tower.

Sadly, you’re going to have to slowly work your way to the very top, beating any obstacles and creatures in your path, as the Ur-Ghast can only be found at the top of the Dark Tower.

It looks like a gigantic Ghast which flies around the Dark Tower, and has 250 health points. The Ur-Ghast is able to use 3 different attack methods, which are the Fireball, Ghast Tear and Summon Carminite Ghastlings.

Like with regular Ghasts, the easiest way to beat the Ur-Ghast is by using ranged weapons such as Bows or Crossbows. However, there are some traps located in the Dark Tower which can be charged by killing Ghastlings, and they’ll fire a beam at the Ur-Ghast when activated.

If you manage to beat the Ur-Ghast, a Chest will spawn atop the Dark Tower. It will contain the Ur-Ghast Trophy, Fiery Blood and Carminite.

The Snowy Forest & Glacier

These next Biomes are focused around snow, and they’re the Snowy Forest and Glacier. If the player enters either of these biomes without having defeated the Twilight Lich, they’ll freeze and have impaired movement speed.

Alpha Yeti

The Alpha Yeti can be found inside the Yeti Cave. This structure shouldn’t be too difficult to find, as the Lair itself looks like a giant box made of snow, with a large entrance. Inside are lots of regular sized Yetis, but the Alpha Yeti will spawn once the player gets close.

Alpha Yeti’s have 200 health points, and look like a larger version of the Yeti. During its first form of attack, the Alpha Yeti will shoot Ice Bombs at the player, which deal damage over time. They’ll also try and fling the player if they get too close. During this phase, the Alpha Yeti will be immune to Arrow attacks, so an alternative method of combat is required.

Once a considerable amount of damage has been dealt, the Alpha Yeti will enter the second phase. It will spin around in a rampage, dealing damage to the player if they’re too close. This also causes blocks in the cave to dislodge, which can fall on the player to deal damage. Once the Yeti is tired and sits down, you’ll have your moment to attack.

After defeating the Alpha Yeti, it will drop 6 Alpha Yeti Fur, an Alpha Yeti Trophy and some Ice Bombs. You’ll also be granted access to the Aurora Palace. the next location in our chain of progression.

Snow Queen

Look for the Aurora Palace, our next point of interest. It’s a large colorful structure, that can be found in the Glacier Biome, which looks like a cliff made of ice. It’s a good idea to bring ranged weapons for the upcoming Boss fight.

There’s a lot of parkour and climbing required, as the Snow Queen can be found at the very top of the Aurora Palace. Hostile Mobs are also going to block your path, and will need to be defeated.

The Snow Queen has 250 health points, and spawns in an empty room. During the fight, she’ll drift above the player, so that attacks from below are difficult. She’ll also summon Ice Crystals as a distraction, giving her an opportunity to regenerate health.

Once she reaches half of her health (125 health points), she’ll enter the second phase of the fight. The Snow Queen will fire snow from her hands, and she can climb to the top of the chamber, falling on the player to deal damage.

If you beat her, she’ll drop the Snow Queen Trophy, Tri-Bow and Seeker Bow. You’ll also be granted access to the Highlands. Currently, she’s the final boss in the Twilight Forest, with the final stages of the mod currently a work in progress.


Minecraft: Twilight Forest Progression Guide - PwrDown (2024)


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