Cliffs of Moher Tour - Custom Irish Tours (2024)

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Perfect Day Trip from Dublin

What an amazing day. Derek picked us up promptly in the morning from our hotel and took us to Newgrange, as well as a working sheep farm (where the kids got to pet a little lamb), a Cistercian monastery, Trim castle and a lovely Irish lunch. Along the way, he gave us tons of great information and seemed to know everything. All of us said it was our best day in Ireland. We can't wait to go back and take another tour.

Christina H November 27, 2023

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An amazing experience with an amazing guide!

There are barely enough superlatives to describe Derek and the great service he provides. We recently completed a seven-day tour of Ireland with him which turned out to be the best travel experience of my life. Derek’s planned itinerary was very interesting, varied, and thorough and included stays in Galway, Doolin, and Dingle. On our trips between locations he picked out a great, eclectic collection of sites and experiences that made each day a unique and exciting adventure. Derek himself should be regarded as an Irish national treasure with his encyclopedic knowledge of the history, archeology, landscapes, attractions, food, and customs of the country he so clearly loves. Throughout the trip he was patient, engaging, and open to any and all questions our group asked. As a person he is very funny, thoughtful, and thoroughly engaged with a job he loves.
On a personal note I should mention that I have some significant mobility challenges that can present obstacles while travelling. I can emphatically say that Derek did a great job in helping me have maximum access to all elements of the trip and provided welcome assistance when need. He is sensitive and accommodating to special needs while never making assumptions about abilities or acting in a patronizing or overly protective manner.
I’ll close by saying that everyone in our party grew to see Derek as our new friend and we’ll seek him out for future visits to Ireland and recommend him to to those who are travelling there as well. An A+ person providing an A+ experience!

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A Wonderful Tour of Ireland

Our group of five had a wonderful tour experience with Derek. All of us are experienced travelers, some of whom have previously visited Ireland. Derek's extensive knowledge of this special place known as Ireland, its rich history, customs and traditions enhanced our experience. His patience, wit and daily keen interest in ensuring the best tour possible was deeply appreciated by the entire group.

As the name of his business implies, Derek can provide you with a custom tour tailored to the sights you want to see and others that you may not have considered. He is very flexible and willing to do what you want to do. Needless to say, traveling in his Merecedes van was a pleasure.

As such, our entire group recommends, without reservation, Derek for your tour of Ireland wherever your adventure may take you. In fact, I have already started discussing with Derek my tour next year.

John W September 21, 2023

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Derek was the consummate guide. Interesting, informative and just a lot of fun to be with. He took us places the buses could not go, added depth to the history and created a very comfortable week for us. He meshed with our group like he had known us his whole life. I hope he is available the next time I visit Ireland.

Climber24062435677 September 21, 2023

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New to Ireland

Derek was wonderful. He toured us through Ireland over 9 days. Such a memorable trip. Derek was sensitive to our interests and needs but also made sure that we hit all the highlights as he knew them! I highly recommend Derek!

dbbmk September 2, 2023

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Family Trip to Ireland August 2023

What a great week! Derek was such a pleasure to have as our guide. His knowledge and love of history was evident throughout the entire trip. He listened to where we wanted to go and was able to weave in additional stops. We enjoyed every twist and turn of our trip! Engaging five family members from three generations is not easy, but he managed to do a wonderful job. He was kind and thoughtful as he accommodated the oldest member of our group. He often sat with her or helped her through the less challenging areas of our stops. She enjoyed listening as he talked about each place, told her jokes and engaged in conversation. When we once again visit Ireland, we will be calling Derek

Beth L August 15, 2023

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Cliffs of Moher Tour - Custom Irish Tours (2024)


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